Art for Your Walls 🛋️

Art is not only something you can get on your clothes and paper. Your walls can serve as a canvas too!

I find it a nice solution for interior design, when you can use art as  a background for your living, working, or chilling space. I like creating murals, which are symbolic for their owners (be it private or business customers). As an astrologer I also offer to add some specifics based on the natal chart.

We work together: starting from the references, checking the object, creating and getting a yes to the sketch, and finalizing with a smile and the art on your walls.

A kids’ room, cafe interior, kitchen or bathroom, literally any place, even outdoors! I believe that any place can be decorated as you want.

Can you imagine some painting on your walls? I invite you to contact me on Instagram for details and order  Contact.

Here you can see one of the previous projects of mine.