Art for Your Interior 🖼️

Do you feel yourself comfortable and resourceful in your place? Be it your home, your office, your restaurant,… Any place. I hope you do!

Do you see YOU in there? Would you like to get your interior more personalized, warmer / colder, brighter / darker, stiller / sexier, minimalistic / baroque? I also offer astrological support for the choice of symbolics or some of the colours.

With a customized picture (or a series) for your walls, we can manage this. I invite you to write to me on Instagram, in order to discuss all the details  Contact.

 The Choice
Imagine a lemon before you scroll down. Yellow, ripe.
Do you feel sourness in your mouth?
But the concept is not about the lemon. It is about what you do with it in life. Celebrate it. Make your lemonade out of a lemon.

This work can be purchased, 60 cm x 80 cm, Acrylics on Cotton Canvas.
The video is a 5-minute glimpse through three hours of creating.