About me

Hi there,

my name is Anastasiia Mysik. I am a Ukrainian happily living and creating in Germany.

Over ten years ago I decided not to go for architecture. Instead, I have pursued a career in international business, because the mix of languages and math is important to me. You can easily find me on LinkedIn ;).

I have realized, that I cannot live without art in life anymore.
So in 2019 I have pulled out my old watercolors from the time at the art school back at home, and started practicing again.

For me it is like playing and learning the new rules, breaking them, enjoying the process, and smiling on the way. I document this journey here and on Instagram.

Since you are here, feel warmly welcomed!

Wanna get some art?

I invite you to work together 😊 

I have a dream of making the experience on this website pleasant .