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Cotton Love 👕

I create paintings with acrylics on things mainly made from cotton: T-shirts, shopper bags, sweatshirts.

⚙️ Would you like to wear a completely personalized, unique piece?

🎁 Searching for a special present for your loved ones?

🫶 Strong supporter of handmade things?

Based on your wishes and references, using my inspiration and feelings, we create a completely customized Cotton Love piece. It may be a dress, a T-Shirt, or a bag. Leather in bags or belts also perfectly works out as a canvas for customized art.

Here are some examples of the process. Not only you receive your handpainted piece, but you also get involved in the whole process. Let it be a surprise for you.

📦 For ordering your piece, please, get in touch with me here or on Instagram.

Shop section of the website is in the process of making 💜.

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